MSU plant sciences endowed chair named honorary professor at UK university
September 26, 2017
Hikmet Budak, MSU’s Winifred Asbjornson Plant Sciences Endowed Chair in the College of Agriculture, was recently named an honorary professor at the University of Worcester in Worcester, England.
MSU researchers win grant to study role of gut microbiome in coping with arsenic poisoning
October 4, 2017
The National Cancer Institute and National Institute of General Medical Sciences have awarded $1.643 million to Seth Walk for a five-year study. The World Health Organization estimates 100 million people worldwide ingest arsenic-tainted water each year.
New scientific assessment to aid Montanans in dealing with future impacts of climate change
September 20, 2017
A major new climate assessment predicts Montana will continue to feel the effects of a changing climate for years to come.
MSU scientists win $1.65 million NSF grant to study how human behavior impacts spread of infectious diseases
September 14, 2017
MSU epidemiologist Raina Plowright and MSU political scientist Elizabeth Shanahan are collaborating with a multidisciplinary international research team to examine the ways human activity contributes to the spread of infectious diseases.
MSU researcher works to restore struggling bighorn sheep populations
September 5, 2017
MSU epidemiologist Raina Plowright recently completed a four-year study of a bighorn sheep population in Oregon infected with a pathogen that can cause pneumonia. The findings have been published in Ecology Letters.