Assistant Professor

Research Interests

My research and outreach supports fruit production in Montana and other northern climates. Current projects involve fruit pre- and postharvest physiology, fruit postharvest storage and quality, fruit tree root and soil interactions in terms of the rhizosphere microbiome and root exudate metabolomics, and a collaborative outreach project with Utah State University bringing an online weather-based fruit pest management tool, TRAPs, to Montana and a collaboration with the University of Montana - Montana Climate Office to create a mapping tool for apple cultivar selection according to climate parameters.

Current Funded Projects

  • Montana Specialty Crop Block Grant (SCBG) Sept 2019-2022. Supporting emerging needs and enhancing profitability in Montana small fruit production through research, education, and market development. R. Leisso, M. Burgess, W.-Y., Kuo, Z. Miller.
  • Montana SCBG. Sept 2019-2022. Expanding Montana's Apple Industry through Research, Outreach, Education and Orchard Preservation. Z. Miller, R. Leisso, K. Mendrey.
  • USDA NIFA Feb. 2019-Feb. 2020. Equipment grant: Biochemical detection of fruit ripening measures and plant stress volatiles with a Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID). R. Leisso, M. Burgess, Z. Miller. 
  • Montana SCBG Dec 2018- Nov. 2019. Supporting Montana apple production through research and education. Z. Miller, R. Leisso, K. Mendrey.
  • Montana SCBG. Sept 2018-2020. Improving cold injury and pest management in apple production: risk and predictive model assessment. R. Leisso, K. Mendrey, Z. Miller.
  • USDA NIFA AFRI ELI. Characterizing genotype-specific apple root biochemistry and its implications for rhizosphere microbial ecology in apple replant disease (ARD)  R. Leisso and M. Mazzola. Currently in transfer process (October 2019).

Updates on the WARC webpage

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Recent publications

  1. Hewavitharana, S., Klarer, E., Reed, A., Leisso, R. S., Poirier, B., Honaas, L., Rudell, D., Mazzola, M. (2019) Temporal dynamics of the soil metabolome and microbiome during simulated anaerobic soil disinfestation. Frontiers in Microbiology.
  2. Leisso, R.S., Hanrahan, I., Mattheis, J.M. (2019) Assessing pre-harvest field temperature and at-harvest fruit quality for prediction of soft scald risk of 'Honeycrisp' apple fruit during cold storage. HortScience 54 (5), 910-915.
  3. Leisso, R.S., Rudell, D.R., Mazzola, M.M. (2018) Targeted Metabolic Profiling Indicates Apple Rootstock Genotype-Specific Differences in Primary and Secondary Metabolite Production and Validate Quantitative Contribution From Vegetative Growth. Frontiers in Plant Science 9: 1336 :1-15.
  4. Leisso, R.S., Rudell, D.R., Mazzola, M.M. (2017) Metabolic composition of apple rootstock rhizodeposits differs in a genotype-specific manner and affects growth of subsequent plantings. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 113:201-214.
  5. Gapper, N.E., Hertog, M.L.A.T.M, Lee, J., Buchanan, D.A., Leisso, R. S., Fei, Z., Qu, G, Giovannoni, J.J., Johnston, J.W., Schaffer, R.J., Nicolai, B.M., Mattheis, J.P., Watkins, C.B., Rudell, D.R. (2017) Delayed response to cold stress is characterized by successive metabolic shifts culminating in apple fruit peel necrosis. BMC Plant Biology 17:77-85.
  6. Leisso, R.S., Mattheis, J.M., Rudell, D.R. (2017) Controlled atmosphere storage, temperature conditioning, and antioxidant treatment alter postharvest 'Honeycrisp' metabolism. HortScience 52: 423-431.