WARC has evaluated malt barley varieties in collaboration with the MSU-Barley program and Lakeland Feeds both at the station and in production fields in Beaverhead County. WARC is also evaluating Durum wheat and cereal forage varieties. We are also engaged in projects focused on perennial weed management in organic grain rotations (link)

Malt Barley:

Picking malt barley varieties depends more on the demand from malt-houses and breweries than on the yield.

  • We did not see significant differences in yields among varieties in the 2015 and 2016 trials.
  • The varieties tested in 2015 were: Conrad, Copeland, Genesis, Harrington, Lacey, Legacy, Merit57, Metcalfe, Synergy, Voyager and several MSU experimental lines. 
  • The Statewide barley variety report can be found at this link.  http://plantsciences.montana.edu/crops/2015BarleyReport.pdf


2015 Durum Report


Cereal Forages:

WARC results for winter ceareal forage trials will be posted soon.

The results of dryland trials conducted at the MSU-Central Ag. Research Center are available here.


Useful Links:

Montana Wheat and Barley Committee

MSU-Malt Barley Guide