Buddhi AchhamiPh.D. (Ecology/Environmental Science) student


Mr. Achhami is originally from Nepal. He obtained his B.S. (Agriculture) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 2002 followed by a M.S. (Plant Science) from Wageningen University and Research Center, Netherlands in 2011. Mr. Achhami has been working as Technical Officer at Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) since 2004.

Mr. Achhami joined Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences and Western Triangle Agricultural Research Center in February 2016 to pursue a doctoral degree in Entomology under Drs. David K. Weaver and Gadi V.P. Reddy. His thesis work focuses on: 1) Comparative multi-decrement life tables for wheat stem sawfly Cephas cinctus (Nort) in wheat and barley, 2) Assessment of life history parameters in replicated wheat-barley-wheat rotations on several grower farms in the key area of wheat production in Montana and 3) Assess the variation in resistance to wheat stem sawfly among barley cultivars.


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