FY17 MT Wheat and Barley Grants

F17 Fertilizer Tax Awards

FY17 Pea and Lentil Awards

FY 2017 Fertilizer Assessment Fund – Projects that were funded

PI Title
Burgess Phosphorus and Potassium induced micronutrient deficiency in vegetables grown in manure-amended soils: How much is too much?
Chen, Afshar Optimization of nitrogen fertilizer in sugarbeet under no-till management
Engel, Carr, Jones, Lane Understanding acidification and management of Montana soils
Engel, Miller, Jones Fertilizer Management Strategies for Enhanced N Recovery and Reducing N Losses in No-till Wheat
Ewing, Brookshire, Klassen, Jones, Payn Research Analytical Chemist, Environmental Analytical Laboratory
Ewing, Miller, Engel Long-term N management effects on soil organic C and N in traditional and diversified cropping systems
Jones, Ewing, Miller, Sigler Fallow replacement and nitrogen rate effects on nitrate leaching, yield, and quality
Lamb, Boss Nitrogen sources for short season dryland grain corn production in a low rainfall environment (final year)
McVay, Khan Foliar applications to correct micro-nutrient deficiencies in winter wheat (est. 2 yr project)
Miller, Jones, Bekkerman, Doheny, Larson Long-term N management in alternative crop rotations (multi-year 7 yrs; 2011-17)
Miller, Jones, Zabinski, Doheny, Gettel Advancing cover crop knowledge in Montana: Soil Fertility Implications
Mohammed, Chen Enhancing Yield and Nutritional Quality of Dry Pea through Micro-nutrient Fertilization
Sands, Jones, Turner, Dratrz, Newcomb, Wichman The Seed Sentinel: Indicator Plants to Diagnose On-Farm Soil Bioavailable Mineral Deficiencies and Optimize Fertilizer Use
Torrion, Glunk, Stougaard Optimizing Boron maintenance fertilization for alfalfa (yr. 2)
Torrion, Stougaard, Talbert Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations for Contrasting Protein Requirements (2 yr project)
Wichman, Crawford, Hatelid, Malisani 1.600 by 2016. Second and third year evaluation of alfalfa response to spring broadcast fertilizer in central Montanaís Cascade, Fergus and Judith Basin Counties.