For more than 100 years, MAES and the College of Agriculture faculty scientists have worked closely together in collaborating with the people of Montana to address problems with Montana-made custom solutions and to proactively look forward to an improved future. We are funded in part, and collaborate with, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture on any Hatch-Act funded agriculture research. You can find a running list of our research stories through the MSU News Service.

We believe in sharing how we invest resources in Montana programs across the state. Producers and commercial businesses fund public research through the Montana Wheat and Barley Research and Development check-offs, the Fertilizer Tax funds, Pea and Lentil Awards and the Noxious Weed Board.

Below is the base funding chart showing what MAES, MSU Instruction and Extension contribute to our total annual budget (through FY2015). The state fiscal year runs July through June.

Impacts Figures 1-3

Impacts Figures 4-6