Please see these files for guidelines and forms. Final Proposals, paper and electronic, and all associated documents are due in Dean and Director’s Office March 1, 2019. Project Initiation in REEport needs to be completed before April 1, 2019.

REEport (Research, Education, and Extension project online reporting tool) is NIFA’s singular project reporting system, building on and replacing CRIS. For more information on REEport, please contact Darien Gibson  in the Director’s office. Information is also available at User Manual.pdf.

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MAES Documents

MAES Project Review Seminars 2018-2019

Faculty:            Dr. Megan Van Emon

Department:   Animal and Range Sciences

Title:                 "Developing Nutritional Strategies for Cattle Development."

Date/Time:       Thursday, October 25th  at 1:00pm

Location:           ABB 138


Faculty:            Dr. Mac Burgess

Department:   Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

Title:                 "Production Practices for Small Acreage Specialty Crop Growers."

Date/Time:       Monday, October 29th  at 9:00am

Location:          PBB 108


Faculty:            Dr. Alan Dyer

Department:   Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

Title:                 "Management and Population Dynamics of Cereal Pathogens."

Date/Time:      Wednesday, October 31st  at 9:00am

Location:          PBB 108


Faculty:            Dr. Kevin McPhee

Department:   Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

Title:                 "Genetic Enhancement of Pulse Crops."

Date/Time:       Monday, November 5th  at 91:30pm 

Location:          PBB 108