The Entire State Of Montana Is Our Campus

Our research centers address production challenges in the diverse agro-ecosystems of the state and provide the foundation upon which the research and teaching missions of the university stay relevant to needs of agriculture in the state of Montana.

Each research center has been tasked to address the diverse climatological, ecological, and environmental challenges of Montana’s agricultural industry. Individual priorities reflect current agricultural challenges faced by the communities and region of the respective research center. Research conducted at each center includes variety and breeding line evaluation, beef cattle genetics and production, multi-species cropping systems, integrated pest management, and soil fertility research. Much of this research is done cooperatively with scientists on the MSU-Bozeman campus, in other states, the USDA, and private industry.

Additionally, the Research Centers:

  • are the nucleus of a statewide cooperative agricultural research system in Montana which collaborates with Bozeman-based faculty.
  • are located in unique environments to serve the specific needs of agricultural clientele in local production areas and the broader needs of Montana agriculture.
  • address the practical problems of agricultural production and resource management through programs of basic and applied research, with the emphasis on application.
  • develop research programs of topical relevance to Montana's diverse agricultural industry.
  • interact with agricultural clientele in identifying pertinent research problems.

Department of Research Center Contacts 

*Addresses, faculty and staff lists are also available on each of the Research Centers' individual web pages. 

Department of Research Centers Offices'  

Darrin Boss, Research Center Department Head, PhD
3710 Assinniboine Road
Havre, MT 59501-8412

Amy Thomas, Departmental Business Operations Manager
215 Linfield Hall
Bozeman, MT 5917-2860

Cooperating Sites