Submit to: Jody Barney, Budget and Fiscal Director of COA/MAES, at and your department head.

Submission Due Date: Monday, April 16th by 5 p.m.

Required document:  Application PDF

Background: COA/MAES is pleased to announce an equipment RFP for each component of our operations.  The College of Agriculture has set aside $40,000 for instructional equipment and the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station has set aside $410,000 for research equipment.  The funding will be spread across two fiscal years.  In order to maximize equipment needed for the summer, we will work with awardees to ensure these needs are met with FY18 funding.  We look forward to our internal applications.

To Apply: Please fill out the application PDF and submit to Jody Barney, Budget and Fiscal Director of COA/MAES, at as well as your department head. Proposals are due Monday, April 16th by 5 p.m.  A faculty committee will evaluate and make recommendations for funding to Charles Boyer, MSU Vice President of Agriculture. Award announcements will be shared after the committee has selected award projects.