The Montana Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) is made up of faculty and supporting staff conducting research and outreach programs. These programs address:

  • Crop and animal production methods
  • Market growth opportunities
  • Pest management
  • Environmental quality issues.

MAES has seven off-campus research centers and local campus farms that address challenges in the diverse agro-ecosystems of the state. Collectively, our campus farms and research centers, along with faculty on the MSU-Bozeman campus, constitute MAES and the MSU College of Agriculture. As such, we consider the entire state of Montana as our "campus."

Our Mission

As a land grant institution, MSU provides education, research and extension/outreach programs focused on meeting the changing needs of Montana. The COA and MAES generate and disseminate knowledge and solutions to increase the competitiveness of communities, preserve environmental quality and improve the quality of life for all our citizens.

  • COA/MAES are foundational components of the original land grant college created in Bozeman in 1893.
  • We engage in a Federal/State Partnership in funding and program input.
    • Federal funding from USDA-National Institute for Food and Agriculture for Hatch, Multi-state and Animal Health base funds which must be matched 1:1 by the State.
    • Montana provides the majority of MAES funding, considering MAES a state agency within the Montana University System.
  • MAES activities are comprehensively integrated with the College of Agriculture and MSU teaching, research and service functions.
  • MAES’s goals address agricultural, natural resource, environmental, policy and societal issues as defined by the departments organized across research areas that complement teaching and outreach functions.
  • The MAES Advisory Council assists the Experiment Station with programming and goals.

COA/MAES org chart 2024

MAES Organizational Chart

  • MSU President: Waded Cruzado
    • VP, Dean and Director, College of Agriculture and MAES: Sreekala Bajwa
      • MAES Associate Director and Associate Dean for Research: Darrin Boss
      • Research Centers Department Head: Jessica Torrion
        • Superintendent, CARC: Pat Carr
        • Superintendent, EARC: Chengci Chen
        • Superintendent, NARC: Darrin Boss
        • Superintendent, NWARC: Jessica Torrion
        • Superintendent, SARC: Kent McVay
        • Superintendent, WARC: Zach Miller
        • Superintendent, WTARC: Justin Vetch

COA Organizational Chart

  • MSU President: Waded Cruzado
    • VP, Dean and Director, College of Agriculture and MAES: Sreekala Bajwa
      • Associate Dean for Academic Programs: Jennifer Thomson
        • Department Head, Agricultural and Technology Education: Dustin Perry
        • Department Head, Agricultural Economics and Economics: Eric Belasco
        • Department Head, Animal and Range Sciences: Carl Yeoman
        • Department Head, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences: Bob Peterson
        • Department Head, Microbiology and Cell Biology: Jovanka Voyich
        • Department Head, Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology: Mike Giroux