Department of Research Centers Offices

Darrin Boss, Research Center Department Head 
3710 Assinniboine Road
Havre, MT 59501-8412

Sharon Henderson, Department Business Operations Manager
215 Linfield Hall
Bozeman, MT 5917-2860

Research Center Contact Information

Central Ag Research Center

52583 US Highway 87
Moccasin, MT 59462-9512
Phone: 406-423-5421
Fax: 406-423-5422

Patrick Car: Superintendent, Associate Professor (Cropping Systems), PhD -
Jed Eberly: Assistant Professor (Soil Microbiology/Agronomy), PhD -
Simon Fordyce: Research Associate -
Eva Magnuson: Research Associate - 
Sherry Bishop: Research Assistant - 
Sally Dahlhausen: Research Assistant -  
Jennifer Hammontree: Research Assistant - 
Darryl Grove: Farm Operations Manager - 
Timothy Bishop: Farm Mechanic - 
Lorrie Linhart: Administrative Associate III - 

Eastern Ag Research Center

1501 North Central Avenue
Sidney, MT 59270 
Phone: 406-433-2208
Fax: 406-433-7336 

Chengci Chen: Superintendent, Professor (Cropping Systems/Agronomy), PhD -
Frankie Crutcher: Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology), PhD -
William Franck: Research Scientist, PhD - 
Amber Ferda: Research Associate -
Sooyoung Franck: Research Associate -
Apurba Sutradhar: Post-doctoral Research Associate - 
Rebecca GarzaResearch Assistant - 
Samantha Hoesel: Research Assistant III -
Calla Kowatch-Carlson: Research Assistant III - 
Thomas Gross: Research Assistant III:
Ronald Brown: Mechanic -
Jana Seright: Research Assistant III -
Cherie Gatzke: Administrative Associate III -


Northern Ag Research Center

3710 Assinniboine Road
Havre, MT 59501-8412
Phone: 406-265-6115
Fax: 406-265-8288 

Darrin Boss: Dept. Head/Superintendent/Asst. Research Professor (Animal Science), PhD - 
Peggy Lamb: Research Scientist, MS (Agronomy) - 
Julia Dafoe: Research Associate, MS - 
Roger Hybner: 
Research Associate, MS - 
Kyla McNamara: Research Associate, BS (Agronomy) - 
Eleri Haney: Research Associate (Variety Testing) -
Abhijit Rai: Research Associate, MS - 
Les Gray: Research Assistant (Livestock) -
Matt Morren:
Thackeray Ranch Manager, AAS - 
Cole McCann: Livestock Operations Manager, BS - 
Gerald Bohn: Farm/Diesel Mechanic, BS -
Emi Smith: Administrative Associate III -


Northwestern Ag Research Center

4570 Montana 35
Kalispell, MT 59901
Phone: 406-755-4303
Fax: 406-755-8951 

Jessica Torrion: Superintendent, Associate Professor (Crop Physiology), PhD -
Clint Beiermann: Assistant Professor of Agronomy -
Amanda Shine: Research Associate - 
Jordan Penney: Program Manager -
Eeusha Nafi: Postdoctoral Researcher,PhD -
Administrative Associate III - 


Southern Ag Research Center

748 Railroad Highway
Huntley, MT 59037
Phone: 406-348-3400
Fax: 406-348-3410 

Kenneth Kephart: Superintendent, Professor (Agronomy), PhD -
Kent McVay: Associate Professor (Cropping Systems), PhD -
Lovreet Shergill: Assistant Professor of Weed Science -
Qasim Khan: Research Scientist (Cropping Systems), PhD -
Valerie Smith: Research Associate (Agronomy) -
Janna Rozett: Research Assistant III -
Shane Leland:
 Farm Manager -
Tammy Balzer: Administrative Associate III -


Western Ag Research Center

580 Quast Lane
Corvallis, MT 59828
Phone: 406-961-3025
Fax: 406-961-3026 

Zach Miller: Superintendent, Associate Professor (Horticulture), PhD -
Rachel LeissoAssistant Professor (Horticulture), PhD - 
Kyrstan Hubbel: Research Associate - 
Bridgid Jarrett: Research/Lab Manager - 
Haydon Davis: Farm Operations Manager - 
Katrina MendreyProgram Coordinator - 
Amy Hutton: Program Coordinator - 
Kierstin Schmitt: Administrative Associate III - 

Western Triangle Ag Research Center

9546 Old Shelby Road/PO Box 656
Conrad, MT 59425
Phone: 406-278-7707
Fax: 406-278-7797 

Darrin Boss: Interim Superintendent, PhD -
Julie Orcutt: Administrative Associate III -