The next MAES advisory council meeting will coincide with the Western Triangle Ag Research Center Field Day in Conrad on July 10, 2024.

The purpose of the MAES Advisory Council shall be to act in an advisory capacity in program planning matters as they relate to the research, testing and development functions of the research centers and their relationships to other cooperating agencies including the USDA-Agricultural Research Service.

Members of local research center committees recommend prospective Council members and alternate members to the MAES Director, who makes the final appointment. Each academic department within the College of Ag will have one representative. The Montana Stockgrowers Association, the Montana Grain Growers Association, Montana Wool Growers Association and the MSU President’s Advisory Council also sit on the MAES Advisory Council. Other groups closely associated with the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station can send nominations for the one at-large ex-officio position on the Council. Appointment of individuals from such groups to the Council will require a two-thirds affirmative vote of the Council membership.

Members shall serve a term of five years with effective date of membership starting January 1. A member may not serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms. The membership includes persons who are familiar with and can effectively address issues regarding:

  • General goals and missions of the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station
  • General needs and problems of the agriculture sector of Montana
  • Specific needs and problems of agriculture of the research center or organization they represent
  • Particular concerns to the research center they represent as a result of serving on their local advisory committee

Three regular meetings of the Advisory Council will be held annually during fall, winter and summer.

Represents Position Name (First, Last) City
CARC Member Bryan Mauws Judith Gap
EARC Member Mark Swank Poplar
NARC Member Todd Hansen Gildford
WARC Member Alan Maki Corvallis
NWARC Member Bridgett Lake-Cheff Ronan
SARC Chair Marcus Vogel Ballantine
WTARC Member Cory Crawford Valier
LARRL Member Ty Jones Miles City
Pres. Adv. Council Member Matt Flikkema Manhattan
MGGA Vice Chair Tryg Koch Kalispell
MSGA Member Shane Eaton Terry
CARET Member Dale Schuler Carter
MWGA Secretary Greg Wichman Hilger
MWBC ex-officio Llew Jones Conrad
Extension Svc ex-officio Cody Stone, Executive Director Bozeman
Research Ctrs ex-officio Darrin Boss, Department Head


Alumni Foundation ex-officio Austin O'Neill, Development Director


MAES Advisory Council photo