Variety Testing and Development

Ultimately we are here for the producers of northcentral Montana...

The Variety Testing and Development Program at Northern Agricultural Research Center conducts crop performance trials in cooperation and collaboration with breeders at Montana State University, out-of-state universities, USDA-ARS and private companies. Of immediate importance, these trials provide farmers, extension personnel, and private companies with agronomic information on varieties of the major field crops grown in northcentral Montana in order to fit the best varieties to specific locations and environments. Early generation screening of breeding material provides crucial information for the development, advancement and selection of future varieties for the area. The trials are professionally managed and conducted in a scientific research-based manner to minimize variability and insure the integrity of the results. Performance reports available at this time for northcentral Montana include winter wheat, spring wheat, durum wheat, spring barley, spring pea, spring lentil, spring canola, safflower and annual forage.                                                           



Annual Variety Testing Reports                   

Producer resources                                                                                                                                 

"Annual reports on crop variety performance allows producers to make informed decisions on which cultivars will be most productive on their farms."


Northcentral Producer Testimonials



     "The Variety Testing program is known for its excellence in crop variety testing that it provides for MSU faculty, clientele of the Northern Agricultural Research Center, as well as for growers and county agents across northern Montana."                                                                                          

 Winter Wheat



    "Variety testings effort has been the foundation for identification of the most widely grown sawfly resistant varieties in the state."




  "Research and Extension communication to area producers has greatly improved their profitability and sustainability."



     "Due to consistent reliable and competent efforts, scientists from the main station in Bozeman, other MAES research centers and private industry have sought out Lamb as a cooperator for field crop variety development studies, crop species adaptation evaluations, and crop growth enhancement production methods evaluations studies."




    "The off station work done by NARC is vital research for farmers in the area."


 Current Team


Peggy Lamb, MS 

Research Scientist 



Eleri Haney

Eleri Haney, BS

Research Associate