To evaluate lentils for yield and agronomic performance in Northwestern Montana


The trial was planted under rainfed conditions with adequate subsurface moisture on silt loam soil. A pre-plant incorporated herbicide (Triflurex) was applied, but weeds persisted in the trial, and thus weeds were also controlled manually. Table 1 shows the detailed management information.

Besides plant height at maturity, no other traits were significant in the 2018 lentil trial. Plant height at maturity ranged from 31.8 to 21.3 inches (Table 2).


Table 1. Management information   

Seeding date: 5/8/2018 Harvest date: 9/7/2018
Julian date: 128 Julian date: 250
Seeding rate: 12 plants/ft2 Soil nutrient residual (lbs/A): 93-7-84 (Fall, 2017)
Previous crop: Spring wheat Nutrient fertilizer applied (lbs/A): 0/50/0
Tillage: conventional Insecticide: Warrior2
Irrigation: None Inoculant N-charge
Soil type: Creston Silt loam Seed treatment: Cruiser 5FS, Apron Maxx RTA