To evaluate Faba for yield and agronomic performance in Northwestern Montana


J.A. Torrion, Amanda Shine, Eeusha Nafi


The nursery was planted under rainfed conditions with known subsurface moisture on silt loam soil. Weeds were controlled via pre-plant incorporated Triflurex and weeded manually during the season. Detailed agronomic management is shown in Table 1.

Significant differences were observed for all measured traits, except for number of live plants, days to maturity, and lodging. Average yield was 2960.1 lb/A with a range from 1517.6 to 4349.3 lb/A. Average protein was 29.9%, with the lowest at 27.7% and the highest at 32.3%. Thousand seed weight ranged from 227 to 622 grams. Average days to flowering after planting was 63 days with a range from 60 days to 66 days. Days to maturity after planting ranged from 119 days to 127 days. Plant height at maturity ranged from 30.7 to 46.5 inches. Lodging was observed only for one variety, ranging from 2-8%.

(Detailed yield and agronomic data are not shown)


Table 1. Management information

Seeding date: 4/27/2020 Harvest date: 9/4/2020
Julian date: 118 Julian date: 248
Seeding rate: 4 plants/ft2 Soil nutrient residual (NO3-, P, K lbs/A): 190-12-258
Previous crop: Corn Nutrient fertilizer applied (N, P2O5, K20 lbs/A): 0-30-0
Tillage: Conventional Insecticide: 6/11: Warrior
Irrigation: None Herbicide: 6/11: Varisto
Soil type: Creston Silt Loam Inoculant: Verdesian N-Dure