1. Purpose
    1. The purpose of this SOP is to outline the cleaning of equipment prior to leaving Post Farm to prevent the spread of plant pathogens (e.g., nematodes).
  2. Scope
    1. This SOP applies to all users of Post Farm.
  3. Contacts
    1. Farm Operations Manager 406-586-6819
  4. References
  5. Supplies
    1. Pressure washer with water supply (hook up or tank)
    2. Whisk broom
    3. Water resistant/proof clothing (e.g., raincoat, boots)
  6. Procedures
    1. Order of cleaning
      1. Clean vehicles and large equipment first.
      2. Clean hoses, boots, raincoats, and anything else that may have become dirty while working or cleaning large equipment.
    2. Cleaning Vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers)
      1. Vehicles should remain on hard surfaced roads. When driving vehicles on field roads is necessary, they must be cleaned prior to leaving the farm.
      2. If vehicles have not entered the field:
        1. Use a whisk broom to remove loose soil from the vehicle.
      3. If vehicles have entered the field/field roads:
        1. Use water at a low pressure to remove the majority of the soil from the vehicle.
        2. If needed, use water at high pressure to finish cleaning the vehicle.
    3.  Cleaning Large Equipment
      1. Large equipment must be cleaned prior to being moved from field to field and/or leaving the property.
      2. Move large equipment to the cleaning area.
      3. Use water at a low pressure to remove the majority of the soil from the equipment.
      4. Use water at high pressure to finish cleaning the equipment.
    4.  Cleaning of Clothing, Small Equipment, and Supplies
      1. Each crew member must use a stiff bristle brush to clean all soil from their trousers, shoes, and materials.
        1. After cleaning shoes and clothing, do not re-enter the field.
      2. Thoroughly clean trowels and other small equipment used for sample collection. Equipment must be free of recesses or grooves where soil may become impacted.
      3. Ensure all soil has been removed from items. Mechanical equipment can be cleaned using pressured water.