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Project Number: MONB00XXX (for a new project, leave blank and a new project number will be assigned)

Accession Number: XXXXXX (leave blank for a new project, number assigned by REEport)

Project Title: (enter title of project here)

Organizing Department:

Project Director:

Co-Project Directors: List names of associated faculty and department(s); associated faculty should not be on the project review team.
Ex: Faculty A (PSPP), Faculty B (LRES)

Date of Original Initiation: October 01, XXXX (original initiation date of project)

Date of this Initiation: July 01, XXXX

Tentative Approval Period: July 01, XXXX- June 20, 20XX (three years for new or revised projects, five years for renewals as determined by Department Head)

Location: Montana State University - Bozeman, Montana

Type of Project: Hatch or State (use the appropriate one)





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