Submit to: Jody Barney, Budget and Fiscal Director of COA/MAES, at and your department head.

Submission Due Date: Monday, April 16th by 5 p.m.

Background: COA/MAES is pleased to announce an equipment RFP for each component of our operations.  The College of Agriculture has set aside $40,000 for instructional equipment and the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station has set aside $410,000 for research equipment.  The funding will be spread across two fiscal years.  In order to maximize equipment needed for the summer, we will work with awardees to ensure these needs are met with FY18 funding.  We look forward to our internal applications.

To Apply: Please fill out the application PDF and submit to Jody Barney, Budget and Fiscal Director of COA/MAES, at as well as your department head. Proposals are due Monday, April 16th by 5 p.m.  A faculty committee will evaluate and make recommendations for funding to Charles Boyer, MSU Vice President of Agriculture. Award announcements will be shared after the committee has selected award projects.

Information required to apply:

  • Name, Department, Email Address
  • Title of Equipment
  • Amount Requested, Research or Instruction Designation
  • Source and Amount of Matching Funds
  • Preferred Delivery Date
  • Equipment Description and Purpose
  • Research Program Applicability and Impact
  • Instruction/Student Program Applicability and Impact
  • Attached list of Recent Institutional/Research Grants or other Information

Download the FY2020 RFP Application Form here. 

Funded 18/19 Projects: 
Faculty  Project 
Shannon Moreaux

Blacksmith Buddy- equine leg/hoof simulator

Andi Shockley

Mechanical Cow 

Patt Carr

Bobcat 3650 Utility Vehicle with Enduraplas Field Boss Sprayer 365

Peggy Lamb 

Tractor for use with specialty crop plot seeder

Jessica Torrion

Chisel plow for small grain research
David Gettel

7-foot field cultivator and 75 horsepower utility tractor 

David Baumbauer Teaching microscopes for PGC classrooms
Andreas Fischer Microplate absorbance and fluorescence reader
Nina Zidak BioRad 96xs Realtime PCR
Deanna Nash

Mixograph mixer and bowls

Alan Dyer  Mitsubishi Binder - One Row Rice Binder
Prashant Jha  DeVries Generation 4-Research Track Sprayer
Kent McVay Sprinkler irrigation system, 4" pipe
Jennifer Thomson

Ultralow temperature freezer, NanoDrop One Spectrophotometer

Jed Eberly  PP Systems CFLUX-1 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System
Frankie Crutcher  Overhead misting system for fusarium head blight research
Paul Stoy 

Nitrous oxide gas analyzer 

Stephanie Ewing 

AquaLog spectrometer for dissolved organic matter analysis, Microwave digester 

Eric Boyd Gilson Mini-Crusher
Mensur Dlakic  Computer equipment for teaching and research
Maryse Bourgault  WinRHIZO system PRO LA2400, UAV crop, range and land imaging research package
Jennifer Lachowiec  Network associated storage for genomics data