The peer review seminar will be styled after oral presentations conducted at a professional society meeting. The PD's Department Head will oversee the session with assistance from the Director's representative.

  1. PD Presentation: no more than 45 minutes
    • Review the project's past accomplishments (if renewal)
    • Discuss the new project proposal
  2. Open Discussion: approximately 10 minutes
    • PD, attendees and Peer Review Committee
  3. Review Team Discussion: approximately 15 minutes
    • Peer Review Committee and PD - all other attendees dismissed
  4. Review Team Discussion (approximately 15 minutes)
    • Peer Review Committee - PD dismissed

Peer review seminars are to be scheduled by the department, as convenient to all reviewers. Seminars must be advertised and also posted on the Project Review website

Send seminar information for posting to Jenna Smith and include PD name, proposal title, date, time, location, and Webex link if applicable. This is a Director's requirement to meet the federal plan of work (POW) guidelines.