The superintendent functions as the primary contact and administrator of the Research Center (RC). As members of the Department of Research Centers (DRC), they serve as the primary representative and advocate for their respective RC, provide leadership toward the RC's mission, empower and enable RC staff and faculty to fulfill their roles and are responsible for developing policies and procedures for the operation and function of the RC within the mission of the DRC.

Physical Plant Management and Budget

Superintendents oversee the general operation of the faculty including maintenance, allocation and utilization of existing facilities, equipment and land to optimize research and farm income opportunities. Other responsibilities under this category include:

  • Provide oversight in general farm/ranch facilities and operations.
  • Manage or oversee the shared use of resources among RC faculty and coordinate the support to other researchers collaborating with the RC.
  • Oversee the safety committee of the RC and facilitate appropriate training to all personnel. 
  • Provide general oversight of any new construction and/or renovations and develop long-range plans for future maintenance and new construction projects in consultation with the RC's faculty and advisory committee. Develop, maintain and execute appropriate deferred maintenance projects.
  • Effectively manage the RC's operational budget and farm income revenue, prioritizing and projecting expenditures.

Personnel Administration

Superintendents must follow Federal, State and MSU policies and standards regarding personnel administration. Maintain collegial, respectful and productive working relationships at the RC and with other research centers and campus departments as well as COA, MAES and MSU administrations in order to fulfill the common research and outreach mission of the RC, DRC and MAES. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate and foster the development of all research programs at the RC.
  • Supervise administrative assistant, farm/ranch staff, provide professional development opportunities and conduct annual reviews.
  • Coordinate with the advisory committee and interested stakeholders on setting priorities for future faculty and general RC staff hiring and lead the hiring process.
  • Provide input for faculty and staff nominations for honors and awards as appropriate. 
  • While not the direct supervisors for faculty members, superintendents are expected to provide input for faculty annual review and participate in tenure and promotion processes for RC faculty in accordance with the current DRC role and scope documentation.

Public Relations

Superintendents shall:

  • Develop and enhance relationships between the RC and the public to serve local, departmental, university and statewide needs. 
  • Engage with stakeholders to build mutually-beneficial relationships.
  • Maintain an active and representative advisory committee for the RC.
  • Ensure stakeholders' needs are met through current and targeted research projects.
  • Organize and conduct periodic field days and other outreach events in consultation with faculty and the advisory committee.
  • Work with MAES personnel to highlight research/personnel accomplishments.
  • Utilize various media including social media within MSU guidelines to communicate to the larger public as appropriate.