"Thar ain't nothin' in raisin' apples!" An old marketing slogan from Montana's historical archives.

PHOTO: "Thar Ain't Nothin' In Raisin' Apples" in The Land of the McInstosh Red. Published by the Board of the  Ravalli County Commissioners, 1908.

By Katrina Mendrey


An old apple tree tugs at the heart strings of many and is often cared for better in the later years of its life than ever before. While there is no fountain of youth for your apple tree, there are some simple measures you can take to make sure it is cared for properly in these later years. The management decisions you make based on the information in this guide will depend primarily on your own personal goals for restoring or preserving your tree. 

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Protection from Wildlife and Livestock

Harvesting Quality Fruit (Thinning fruit, common apple pests, knowing when to harvest fruit)

Re-establishing a Heritage Orchard (Propagation, grafting, and planting new trees)


A colorful assortment of harvested heritage apples.A colorful assortment of the fantastic heritage apple varieties that thrive in Montana!