The station hosts a Bureau of Reclamation Agrimet weather station (abbreviation=COVM).

Current and historical weather data for the site are available on the Agrimet website.

Montana Drought and Climate Newsletters

Visit this link for past and current information on Montana's historical and forecasted climate.

TRAPs Fruit Pest and Disease Online Alerts

We are trialing the Utah State University Temperature Resource and Alerts for Pest (USU-TRAPs) system to provide alerts for fruit tree pests and diseases, including fire blight and codling moth.   To use TRAPs, navigate to Montana on the TRAPs main page or go directly to your local station by clicking on the links below.

You will be redirected to the Montana weather stations hosted in the USU-TRAPs website when you click on these links:

Corvallis, MT

Stevensville, MT

Flathead Lake, MT

Columbus, MT

Bozeman, MT

Miles City, MT

Helena, MT

TRAPs can also be downloaded as an app for Android or iPhone.  Search for "Utah TRAPs".

Utah TRAPs icon

See this page for more information about TRAPs.