Locally-produced high-value fruit and vegetable crops improve public health and create jobs with returns of more than $3K per acre, greater labor needs per acre, and opportunities to create value-added products. WARC serves a valuable role in local agriculture by identifying specialty crops that will thrive in Montana, providing information on how to manage these crops and their pests, and studying the potential of value-added products. 

For the last century, WARC researchers have been operating from a modified historic barn and farmhouses at the research station in Corvallis, Montana. Upgrading to a modern laboratory, office and educational facilities will not only allow WARC to more effectively conduct research to help farmers, but also attract prime talent to WARC's research team.

The proposed new facility will contain:

  • Adequate office space for faculty and staff
  • Meeting room with video conference and distance learning facilities. There are no similar facilities in communities nearby and it is expected the facility will be heavily used for outreach and educational events.
  • Three individual labs: one wet-lab for chemical/microbiological work with fume hoods; two dry labs equipped with computer workstations for data entry/analysis
  • Covered loading dock large enough to include produce washing and processing area
  • Cold storage room: a walk-in cooler, 400 ft2 for fruits, vegetables and other high value crops for storage and long-term research
  • Storage room for seed and research equipment

Donate to WARC's building project:

In 2021, Montana’s 67th Legislature passed House Bill 14, providing state capital project funding to improve Montana University System infrastructure, including WARC's much-needed facilities upgrade. WARC is raising funds to supplement the state of Montana’s contribution. Can you help us reach our goal?

Donations can also be made by check to "MSU Alumni Foundation"; please write "93627 — WARC Improvements" in the memo line, and mail to "MSU Alumni Foundation, PO Box 172750, Bozeman, MT 59717".