TRAPs is an online pest management tool. The app uses degree-days to predict insect emergence and life stages (phenology), providing site-specific information for monitoring and controlling certain pests. MSU-WARC is collaborating with Utah State University to use TRAPs to assist with tree fruit pest management, including codling moth and fire blight. Codling moth is an insect pest; fire blight is a bacterial plant disease. Both affect apple and certain related species of fruit.


  • View pest emergence rates or predicted disease risk, and treatment information for:
    • Codling moth
    • Fireblight
    • Western cherry fruit fly
    • Spottedwing drosophila (SWD)
    • Other fruit tree pests
  • Get pest recommendations for up to 3 weeks in the future.
  • View graphs that display 24 hours of temperature, dew point, wind, and precipitation data.

Web app

TRAPs is available online at or as a mobile app (see below). Current TRAPs sites include:

Bozeman, MT (BOZM)

Columbus, MT (C9321)

Corvallis, MT (COVM)

Flathead Lake, MT (FLB05)

Helena, MT (E5549)

Miles City, MT (KMLS)

Stevensville, MT (STVM8)

Mobile app

  • Search for Utah TRAPs
  • Available for Android or iPhone
  • Select from the Montana weather stations: Corvallis (COVM), Stevensville (STVM8), Flathead Lake (FLB05), Helena (E5549), Bozeman (BOZM), Columbus (C9321), or Miles City (KMLS).

More information

Temperature and precipitation can differ considerably from site to site in the varied topography of the Montana. Therefore, TRAPs output should be used as a guide alongside in-orchard pest and disease monitoring. We are seeking fruit tree grower feedback and participation. If you interested in this resource but are not near one of these stations, please contact Zach Miller at

This project is supported by a Montana Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant, “Improving cold injury and pest management in apple production: risk and predictive model assessment”, R. Leisso, Z. Miller, K. Mendrey, 2019-2021.