Summer Lettuce Trial


 Aerostar, Forellenschluss, Green Tower, Green Forest, Kalura, Jericho, Parris Island, Olga, Salvius, and Coastal Star

 Seeds were started at Homestead Organics. There was poor germination, so we had low numbers of transplants. For this reason, the variety, Olga, was not evaluated. On June 16, the plants were transplanted into plastic mulch covered raised beds, 4 rows across, with 2 lines of drip irrigation. There was approximately 1’ between plants. Transplant stress was a problem, as was deer grazing. Extremely hot weather in June and July stressed the plants causing them to bolt and get bitter. Harvest time was determined when the base of the plant started to feel "solid".


There were no differences in yields or average head weight for lettuce.  This is likely a result of planting issues and heat stress that led to a lot of variability among plots within varieties. 

Fall Lettuce Trial


Aerostar, Forellenschluss, Green Tower, Outrageous, Kalura, Jericho, Olga, Salvius, and Coastal Stares:

The fall planting went much better.  We had good germination and seedling growth.  The plots were located in the large high tunnel.  Transplanting took place on 9/16 into beds irrigated with 2 pieces of drip tape, and covered with paper mulch.  There were 4 plots per bed, with each plot consisting of 1 plant of each variety, set out in a row, with 1 foot spacing between plants.  Each plot was considered a replication, with 12 reps total. The entire planting was covered with one sheet of Agribon 19 after transplanting was completed.  We lost two plants to transplant shock out of the entire planting, those were replaced 9/22. 

The lettuce grew great in the fall, despite a large population of aphids discovered when the row cover was pulled back for harvest on 10/20.  Single plants/heads weights were compared.  Weights tended to differ among varieties.  The probability that the differences were due to chance was less than 10% (p-value<0.1) but was greater than 5%.  Highest yields were in Forellenschluss and Areostar and lowest yields were seen in Salvius and Coastal Star.