Contents and Titles


Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat Off-Station Trial

Spring Wheat Advanced Yield Trial

Investigation of yield component traits and yield under two seeding densities

Winter Wheat

Intrastate Winter Wheat Variety Trial


Off-Station Barley Trial

Hulless Barley Trial

Intrastate Barley Trial


Corn Planting Date Study


Forage Production Trial

Winter Cereal Forage Trial

Spring Cereal Forage Trial

Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization of Dormant to Semi-Dormant Alfalfa

Assessing Alfalfa Yield and Quality Under Different Irrigation Strategies to Increase Production Efficiencies

Alfalfa planting density

Pulse Crops

Faba bean trial

Oil Crops

Canola Variety Trial


Soybean Planting Date Study