Following are links to workshops given to provide apple and fruit growers with fundamental information about growing fruit in Montana.  Future workshops and events will be posted at

The Business of Being an Orchardist

This workshop addressed the economic costs of getting started and staying in business, alternatives to purchasing land or selling your orchard, creative financing solutions, as well as what apple cultivars are in demand and how to sell apples to cideries, groceries, and directly to consumers.

The Economics of Apples and Leasing Orchard Land, Dr. Clark Seavert, OSU

Establishing a Montana Orchard

This workshop provided information on site planning, orchard design, cultivar selection, tree planting and early care, as well as irrigation. It was intended for growers in the early stages of planning and/or caring for a commercial orchard in Montana.

Site Selection and Orchard Design, Katrina Mendrey, WARC Apple Program Coordinator

Site Preparation, Tree Planting and Early Care, Dr. Zach Miller, WARC Superintendent

Resources for irrigation management can be found here.

IPM in Montana Apple Orchards

Speakers discussed management of fire blight, common insects in Montana orchards as well as unwanted vegetation in this final workshop.

Fire blight in Montana, Dr. Ken Johnson, OSU (This is a pdf of the presentation as there is not a recording available for this, additional resources on fire blight management in Montana orchards will be posted as they become available).

Insect Pests in Montana Orchards, Dr. Laurie Kerczinic, MSU Schutter Lab

Orchard Floor Management, Dr. Zach Miller, WARC Superintendent

Montana Beginner Fruit Grower Workshop

Picking Productive and Profitable Produce, Dr. Zach Miller, WARC Superintendent

Northern Shrub Fruit—Applications for Wine, Bob Thayden, Owner Tongue River Winery

Irrigation Management for Montana Fruit Production, Larry Robertson, Owner Flathead Lake Vineyard and Winery

Establishment and Early Care of Montana Fruits, Katrina Mendrey, WARC Program Coordinator