Growing Cold-Hardy Berries and Small Fruits in Montana (Montana State University-Extension publication)

Sour Cherry growing resources from the University of Saskatchewan

Presentations from Berry and Small Fruit Workshop April 23, 2019

Patrick Mangan, MSU Ravalli County Extension: Tips for Establishing your Berry Orchard

Zach Miller, MSU-WARC: Introduction to Berry and Small Fruit Varieties and Markets in Montana

Zach Miller, MSU-WARC: Diseases, Bird Control, and Weeds

Laurie Kerzicnik, MSU-Bozeman IPM: Insect Issues in Berry Orchards

Kaley Hensel, MSU Missoula County Extension: Elderberry Production

Bridgid Jarrett, MSU-WARC: Berry and Small Fruit Production and Harvest

Rachel Leisso, MSU-WARC: Berry and Small Fruit Postharvest Handling

To view more presentations about establishing and growing fruit in Montana visit WARC's Apple and Fruit Workshops page.