Haskap, an edible honeysuckle (Lonicera caerulea var. edulis), is a novel fruit option for growers in western Montana. Also known as honeyberries, yezberries, and blue honeysuckle, haskaps can be used just like blueberries. Unlike blueberries, they grow well in many soil types. Haskaps are extremely cold-hardy (zone 2) and produce relatively early in the season (late June-July), which has the potential to fill a market gap in fresh fruit. However, haskap plants take 3-4 seasons to produce profitable yields. Additionally, an investment in wildlife protection once fruit has set is imperative to success.

Fruit quality characteristics and resilience to mechanical damage (2019-2021)

Haskap Variety evaluation (ongoing)

'Borealis' pruning trial (2020-2021)

Labor estimates for hand- and mechanical-harvest (2020)

Consumer study of several small fruit types (2020)

Results of small fruit grower survey (2020)

Visual comparison of fruit from different haskap varieties