Contents and Titles

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Hulless Barley Variety Trial

Barley Malt Intrastate

Nitrogen Malt Barley

Barley Plant Growth Regulator Study

Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat Advanced Yield Trial

Spring Wheat Preliminary Yield Trial

Spring Wheat Off-Station Trial

Kochia and Wild Oat Control in Spring Wheat

Near-isoline (NIL) Glupro gene pair for grain protein

Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat Preliminary CoAxium Trial

Winter Wheat Intrastate Trial

Winter Wheat Off-Station Trial

Winter Wheat Plant Growth Regulator Efficacy Testing

Winter Wheat Nitrogen Management



Alfalfa Planting Density Study (3rd year of establishment)

Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization of Dormant to Semi-Dormant Alfalfa


Sorghum-Sudan Grass Planting Date

Nitrogen Forage

Warm Season Forages and Nitrogen Study

Variety Forage

Early Yield Trial Forage Barley

Advanced Yield Trial Intrastate Forage Barley

Spring Cereal Forage Variety Trial

Cool and Warm-Season Forage Trial

Cool Season Forage Production Trial


Soybean Planting Date Study

Oil Crops

Winter Canola Variety Trial

Canola Planting Date Study

Spring Canola Variety Trial

Intermediate Wheat Grass

Kernza Planting Date Study