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Forage Barley Early Yield Trial

Forage Barley Intrastate Advanced Yield Trial

Off-Station Barley

Forage Barley Nitrogen Rate

Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat Advanced Yield Trial

Spring Wheat Preliminary Yield Trial

Spring Wheat Wild Oat Herbicide

Spring Wheat PrePost Herbicide

Spring Wheat Off-Station

Near-isoline Gene for Tillering in Spring Wheat

Test Five Elite Spring Wheat Varieties to Evaluate Impact of Reduced Seeding and Nitrogen Rates on End-Use Quality and Agronomic Performance in Drought Conditions

Locus Ag Industry Trial in Spring Wheat

Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat Intrastate

Winter Wheat Offstation

Winter Wheat Nitrogen x Variety

Winter Wheat Preliminary Yield Trial

Quantifying the Impact of Irrigation and Precipitation Timings on Winter Wheat Yield and Quality



Sorghum Sudan Planting Date

Nitrogen Forage

Nitrogen Requirement for Sustained Yield and Optimal Quality of Cool-season Perenial Forages

Variety Forage

Spring Cereal Forage Variety Trial

Intrastate Winter Cereal Forage Trial 

Cool Season Forage Trial

Oil Crops


Winter Canola Variety Trial

Winter Canola Planting Date Trial

Statewide Spring Canola Variety Trial

Locus Ag Industry Trial in Spring Canola